About us

Villa Aether is a one-stop platform for your well-being. 
From foods to goods to experiences, we offer all things that nourish your body, mind and spirit.
We believe that wellness is not just about being fitter and healthier,
but is a holistic way of living - it is a journey of
cultivating the connection between your body, mind and spirit,
and the first step of the journey is about building awareness.

We hope that through our curated foods, goods and experiences,
we can help direct your awareness to all things that are authentic and nourishing.
Each of our products and experiences exists for a reason:
It could be the knowledge or wisdom that we want to share;
or the beauty and creativity that we appreciate and honor deeply;
or it's the story or intention behind it that we find incredibly inspiring.
We encourage you to show your support for our makers, creators
and local businesses - we celebrate the creation and circulate the love through mindful consumption.
We hope you will build connection with your inner-self and the outer world -
let us inspire your journey. 

Villa Aether is owned and managed by The Holistic Way Limited, a wellness & lifestyle consulting firm incorporated in Hong Kong.