Open Awareness Workshop with Kriya Lightning Foundation


Open Awareness Workshop with Kriya Lightning Foundation

(Free of Charge - this is a community offering)


We are excited to host the first Open Awareness Workshop at Soho House with The Kriya Lightning Foundation’s founders Airel and Chris.

In today's fast-paced world, stress and anxiety can easily take hold, impacting our physical and mental health. That's why we're offering this workshop to those new to the Open Awareness technique, providing practical tools to release stress and tension and find inner peace. Our experienced co-founders will introduce you to the Open Awareness technique and guide you through an emotional release session, with a focus on managing stress and anxiety.

Through this workshop, we'll explore how becoming more present and aware of our thoughts and emotions can help us find greater calm and balance. Join us on May 13 and discover the transformative power of Open Awareness.


Soho House Hong Kong

33 Des Voeux Rd W, Sheung Wan


10 am: Check in, get settled

10:05: Introduction to Open Awareness Self-Practice

10:30: Open Awareness Guided Practice

10:50: Water break

11am: Introduction to Release Sentences

11:15: Guided Release Session on: Stress & Anxiety.

12:15: Wind down & Relaxation

12:30: Finish

Our Facilitators


As the co-founder of the Kriya Lightning Foundation, Ariel has over a decade of yoga and meditation experience, and has been teaching emotional release work and the original techniques for over 7 years. She has offered thousands of individual and group sessions, and taught international retreats and workshops with hundreds of participants. Prior to this, Ariel co-founded a tech & music venture in Los Angeles that was acquired by Live Nation Entertainment in 2013.


Chris is the co-founder of the Kriya Lightning Foundation, a 300 hr certified meditation teacher, and the creator and developer of the original techniques taught by the foundation. He has taught Open Awareness and emotional release work for 9 years, through tens of thousands of hours of individual support, group sessions, and international retreats. He hopes that in sharing the teachings of Open Awareness, people are able to find and experience greater spaces of inner peace, joy, and happiness.

About the Foundation

The Kriya Lightning Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 in Hong Kong with a mission to support the well-being, harmony, and happiness of people all around the world. The foundation has provided assistance and support to thousands of individuals from over 60 countries.

The foundation offers a variety of resources and teachings to help individuals achieve inner peace and happiness. These include Open Awareness and Heart's Truth practices, which have been developed and refined over the course of 10 years by the founders, as well as meditation, emotional release, yoga, and pranayama. These teachings are made available through 1:1 sessions, group offerings, and international retreats.

The ultimate goal of the foundation is to create a kinder and more connected world where individuals have access to the tools and resources they need to find inner peace and happiness. To this end, the foundation offers all of its teachings, classes, workshops, and retreats completely free of charge. The foundation believes that no one should be limited by their financial background or situation in their pursuit of inner peace and happiness.